Deep inside Montreal’s underground Claire concocts her unique sound. Deep trippy techno, disturbed by short melodic passages, oriental chords or mysterious whispers, a flow meant to wake up some goosebumps and feelings you weren’t aware of until now.

A Montrealer born and raised on the west coast, you might say that her productions are the musical manifestation of her connection to the Canadian landscape: valleys of bass, coniferous percussive elements that never fade, and dreamy, zephyr-like melodies.  Claire has released on Conceptual Records, Monoclap, Archipel, Park Recordings, Hushlamb and Disco Balls.

Her musical style encompasses shades of techno, micro-house, breakbeat, and minimal: groovy, trippy, playful and sensual with deep chords, mysterious whispers, and low-slung funk. Sometimes harder-hitting with nods to Detroit Techno, sweaty warehouses and arpeggiated synth synergies from Outer Space. Some call it Soul Techno.

The daughter of a violinist and a mad scientist, Claire grew up playing violin and bass guitar before diving headfirst into electronic music. A DJ and Live Act, Claire held residency for over a decade at Montreal institution Laika, and plays regularly around the world and has performed in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France and Japan. 

Her ability to conjure magic and elevate a crowd has earned her repeat performances at world-class events and venues like MUTEK, Piknic Electronik, Future Forest, and Club der Visionaere.  She has also graced the stage from Tokyo to Santiago at amazing spots like Igloofest, The Techno Parade (France), Astropolis, Garorock, Sunwave, Air (Tokyo) and Piknic Electronik Santiago.

With a growing stack of Vinyl releases: the Univers Parallèle EP on Moldovian imprint Conceptual Records and a 2nd upcoming EP on Spanish label Monoclap with a remix by LoSoul about to go to press, Claire is proving herself to be a true force of nature.