Deadbeat & Camara

Deadbeat & Camara

Berlin / Montreal

Trinity Thirty is the result of a unique collaboration between Scott Monteith and Fatima Camara, both accomplished and acclaimed solo artists working in dance- and downbeat-inflected electronic idioms, and both Canadian ex-pats currently based in Berlin. After overhearing the Cowboy Junkies’ now-classic cover of “Sweet Jane” in a Brazilian airport, Monteith revisited his longstanding affection for The Trinity Session, the album from which the song was drawn, which he realized was quickly approaching its 30th anniversary. Knowing their shared love for the record, Monteith reached out to Camara, and, with the blessing of Cowboy Junkies guitarist and songwriter Michael Timmins, the pair undertook a 2-year process of experimentation and recording sessions at Berlin’s Studio Chez Cherie. Deadbeat & Camara’s re-envisioning of The Trinity Session yielded Trinity Thirty, at once a reverent tribute and a wholly original work in its own right, which will release on Constellation in Spring 2019.

Scott Monteith is a musician, sound artist and music technology educator best known for his work under the stage name Deadbeat. Having launched his production career at the turn of the millennium, the Canadian-born, Berlin-based producer’s 11 Deadbeat albums, two-dozen singles, and countless remixes and collaborations represent one of most prolific and consistently rewarding catalogues in the modern electronic-music canon. A tireless innovator of vast creative vision, 20 years on Scott Monteith’s restless creative spirit shows no signs of being quieted for many years to come.

A decade living in Montreal left an indelible mark on Monteith’s earlier studio-based work, while his move to Berlin in 2006 shifted his creative focus to the live stage – resulting in performance invitations from the most respected clubs and festivals the world over. As a DJ, Monteith is a dub archivist second to none, with a collection spanning the genre’s early Jamaican roots, through the “steppers” versions of the 80s and 90s championed in the UK and Europe, to the current crop of global producers pushing the dub techno sound into previously unheard directions and widely divergent rhythmic structures. This was most clearly highlighted with the release of his critically acclaimed DJ mix Radio Rothko in 2010, rated by various publications as one of the most genre-defining mix CDs of all time.

Fatima Camara is a musician and producer who creates textured compositions combining samples of sentimental sounds, classic studio components, and live bass and vocals. Owing to her unique production process, Camara’s work straddles sub-genres and has found a variety of champions across the music media. Her personal style of layering sentimental sounds on an electronic backdrop, with her own voice set deep, almost drowning in the mix, renders a unique optimistic melancholy.

Born in Canada, Camara was raised in a large Portuguese family where traditional song and dance were as integral to her family gath- erings as food, laughter and wine. From participation in a church choir from the age of seven, Camara’s musical formation included inter- ests in new wave and folk, before becaming enmeshed in her teenage years in the burgeoning electronic music scene of eastern Canada and the US, as a DJ and event promoter.

Having moved to Berlin in 2008, Camara now runs a digital music club and teaches children how to use Ableton Live and drum machines, while secretly developing her own solo work. As well as numerous contributions to various film soundtracks – including the award-winning films Joe Boots, Stress, and Indarella – Camara released her stunning debut album, Before We Sleep, in 2016 to wide critical acclaim. The record was hailed as “already a classic… not only sonically rewarding but emotionally so” by London’s NTS Radio, a “heart-rendering… remarkable debut” by Fact magazine, and featured among NTS’s top 5 albums of the year.