Dub Gnostic

dub gnostic

Victoria BC

Dub Gnostic’s roots in ambient music extend back to early exposures to artists like Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis in his middle school years, and he was producing experimental electro-acoustic music and sound collage on a four-track porta studio by his late teens. With the advent of chillout rooms at early 90s raves, he found the means to elevate avant garde sounds to a broad audience, performing as The Alchemist and DJ Nobody in London, Toronto and Montreal. Moving west in 1997, he quickly became involved in the Victoria and Vancouver scenes, most notably as music curator for Neptune Soundbar.  Dub Gnostic has released music on Woodwork Recordings and Mosaic Records UK, and is currently preparing an album for release in early 2022.