Hrdvsion B2B Shanx B2B efemme

b2b efemme

Victoria BC

Hrdvsion, efemme and Shanx share an expansive mix of experiences; roots in the UK, stints establishing careers in Berlin, a spat of hazy, half-naked B2B DJ sets, and a deep love for specific strands of electro, IDM and acid. Lately they’ve been sharing each others’ guidance as parents and friends. Upon this thick substrate of shared history they advance and evolve as DJs, creators, performers, artists, people.


Performing a hybrid live DJ set at Wonderment, the trio will leverage original productions, loops, stems and live vocals, fusing their own music with their influences in real time.


What to expect? Banging 808 breaks. Vocoder rapping about how nasty you are. Endlessly evolving acid basslines. Noise and groove in perfect balance. And of course, a healthy dose of rhythms and waveforms that embody the pioneering afro-futurism that continues to influence them to this day.