(Ambient Set)

Vancouver BC

Longwalkshortdock essentially started the first time Dave King heard gritty electronic music in early eighties video games. Strongly influenced by these sounds and melodies, Dave started recording and looping segments as a child. He also got a taste for sampling and recording; taping segments of his piano practice to fool his parents into thinking he was practicing in the other room when he was really playing nintendo.

Currently, a veteran of sound design and electronic music production for well over a decade, Longwalkshortdock’s music has stepped into a genre of its own. While normally renown for wild multimedia live performances with influences from early 80s video game music, metal and rock music, found-sound and vintage analog synthesis; Dave debuted another side of his sound during an online pandemic broadcast: ambient music. This will be the in-person debut performance of Longwalkshortdock’s ambient repertoire.