Winter Wonderment

Alix Goolden Performance Hall

Saturday, February 19th 2022


$25.00 ($20.00 early bird)

On February 19th at Alix Goolden Performance Hall, the Garden City Electronic Music Society and Open Space Gallery present an evening showcase of ambient electronic, electro-acoustic music and media art exploring creativity and innovation at the intersections of art and technology. 



Montréal-based musician Rachel Nam makes intricate and ethereal synth-based music that draws on her twin passions of classical piano and electronic music.  Rachel will be accompanied by drummer Austin Tufts, best known as part of Montréal art-rock band Braids. 

Casey Koyczan is a Tlicho Dene interdisciplinary artist from Yellowknife, NT, who works with various mediums to communicate how culture and technology coincide with political, economic, and environmental challenges in the world. Inspired by sci-fi and the future, he implements techniques such as interactivity, audio-video, and the engagement of the bodily senses within his creations. 

The Spectrum Piano uses a basic force of nature to make the strings of a piano vibrate. Electromagnetic flux, not hammers, drives the unique sound of the instrument. The Spectrum Piano can create many different sounds at the same time.  The name Spectrum Piano comes from the ability to directly access the sounds of the natural harmonics, or “spectrum” of the piano strings. 

Prince Shima is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and third generation Japanese-Canadian based in Victoria BC. As early as 14 he started producing experimental music on a cassette 4-track. Today, his cinematic landscapes explore the concept of “otherness” by mixing modern and anachronistic technologies, and by gravitating towards obscure instrumentation. Whether it is a sense of being out of time or out of place, his music is always transportive, transcendental and hopefully transformative.


$25.00 ($20.00 early bird)

Available online here or at the Victoria Conservatory of Music box office.

Including the Synth Petting zoo & Speakers

Earlier that afternoon, GCEMS in collaboration with the Victoria Conservatory of Music will be presenting a “Synth Petting Zoo” event, featuring free talks by VCM faculty Nathan Jonson (Ableton Push) and Danuel Tate (Sequencing and Live Electronic Music Performance and Improvisation). Doug Blackley will also present an overview of the Spectrum Piano in advance of his performance that evening. The Synth Petting Zoo also provides an opportunity for hands-on experience with vintage and modular synthesizers.

This event is supported by the Canada Arts Presentation Fund and the Government of Canada.